Farewell (or: ‘Til We Meet Again)

Unless a new, important plot line develops in the tale of Trump (the MAGA saga?) I’ll be ending the Trumpbert comic strip this week, and I want to thank all my readers who have been so encouraging with your comments and likes throughout the years. I couldn’t have made it to the end without you.

C.S. Lewis once claimed that writing The Screwtape Letters (an imagined correspondence between a senior demon and his young nephew about the art of destroying human souls) was an unpleasant slog because it required him to think like the Devil, but I didn’t believe him at first. Surely, it must have been great fun to write that book! Now I know better.

It got harder and harder to follow all the Trump news and get inside his head as he revealed himself to be not just a narcissistic dumbass, but the greatest threat in my lifetime to our constitutional democracy. If he had won reelection in November — and it was closer than it should ever have been — I would have ended this strip the following day. I almost ended it the week of the Capitol attack.

But we survived both of those potential catastrophes, and so we can still perhaps laugh over them. And so, though I’m sure the story of Trump is not done, I’ve decided it’s now safe to move on — or rather, to go back: to the slow, incremental work of building a civilization worthy of the cognitive gifts our particular primate species has been blessed or burdened with.

But first, one more dip into the atavistic gene pool: I’m working on a book collection that will include: 

  • The best Trumpbert strips
  • All new art
  • More than 30 newly written, never-before-seen strips
  • A new mystery character

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Thanks again!