%hover text: Love the sinner, hate the democracy. An airtight case for campaign finance violations walked into a Barr.


%hover text: You say “coronation gift”, I say “inauguration grift”. You say “impassioned”, I say “imprisoned”. Let’s call the whole thing off.


%hover text: As with most skills, it’s a combination of inborn talent and years of training. Unlike with most skills, an utter lack of conscience…


%hover text: Professional psychologists all over the country have called me an emotional charity case! Do-no-gooder.


%hover text: What do we want? A judgement that acknowledges wrongdoing we can no longer obfuscate, but which falls short of removal from office or…


%hover text: And don’t try to trick me by slipping the audio into my morning cartoons, because I’ll be covering my ears and singing “Yankee…


%hover text: How do we know they didn’t really say, “Trumpbert is wrong…ly being persecuted”? “DOJ is wrong”