%hover text: It can truly be said that Donald Trump has set a new standard for U.S. Presidents. This week’s main link (spoiler alert!)


%hover text: Jesus famously walked on water when he thought he’d spotted Waldo on the shore. Monday’s link once more.


%hover text: Also a person, a woman, a man, one of those old Polaroid cameras, and TV’s Michael Gray. Gorilla, my Trump.


%hover text: This is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT gulag from the one I was warning you about. How much more obvious does it need to get?


%hover text: I knew there was a reason we elected a six year old child to be our leader. Yesterday’s link again.


%hover text: And let me tell you, it was a lot harder than when the former CEO found Osama Bin Laden. Head case of state.


%hover text: I’ve been getting so worn down writing this strip that I might need to go back in time and kill Scott Adams’ grandfather.…


%hover text: But the highlight of the party is when Jeffrey Epstein’s procurer pops out of the cake and everybody wishes her well. Can we…


%hover text: To anyone complaining today’s strip had no punchline: I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of punching on Election Day.…