%hover text: Virus got me, this I knowFor the fever tells me so,Little did we think to doubtFool too quick his wit to tout. What-the-Hell-jah…


%hover text: Don’t be afraid of the scientist. Think of him as a lobbyist for reality. Speaking truth to pouter.


%hover text: I had a rare — a unique! — case of bone spurs. The doctors said they were all in my head. Feeling is…


%hover text: Just try to get those who are going to die to cast their mail-in ballots first. This week’s only link.


%hover text: But don’t worry, you still won’t have to lift a finger to make testing more available. This week’s only link.


%hover text: Besides which, I couldn’t bear to favor any one of my lies over the others. They’re like the perfect children I never had.…


%hover text: That’s why he no longer holds press conferences. To him, they’re like endless pop quizzes. This week’s only link.


%hover text: Nevermind that our American viruses were all once immigrants themselves. This week’s only link.