%hover text: Good, better, best. Never let it rest, until your good is better and your better — achieves the destruction of the American Republic.…


%hover text: My name is Ego Maniacal. I’d kill to be Obama. Prepare to die — of the virus I was warned about four months…


%hover text: Animals in meat processing plants are like trophy wives: I love to watch the life drain from their eyes. The kill line.


%hover text: The way to a voter’s heart is through his stomach — and then his bloated GI tract, and then his cholesterol encrusted veins.…


%hover text: You clearly haven’t been tuning in to Trumpbert’s daily virus briefings. Premature reactivation.


%hover text: I can’t believe that this strip will probably receive fewer likes than any other strip this week. The high, hard road.


%hover text: And all those losers learned were the laws we winners would someday break with impunity. Rhymes with “ape culture”